"The Laughter of a Child is the Light of a Home"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First one gone

Jereme lost his first tooth a couple months ago. It was hanging on by a thread. The only reason it came out was because he was jumping on the moon bounce and got knocked against the wall and it fell out. Since then he has lost one more. That one managed to stay in there until the new tooth was grown in completely and it fell out on its own. He is so funny. I was seriously about to take him to the dentist and let them pull it out. No harm done, and he is now two gold dollars richer.

Dress Up

The girls and I decided to play dress up a while ago. I had forgotten how much fun being a little girl can be! I love my girls!

Going for a Ride

A few weeks ago I noticed it was really quiet in the house. Natalie was asleep but Jordon and Brianna were awake and too quiet. I listened closely and heard voices coming from the garage. When I went out there the two of them were playing in Joels dead subaru. Not only were they pretending that they were mommy and daddy but they had their "kids" in the car ready to drop off at school. It was so cute... and kept them entertained for a long time. I think every house should have a broken car in the garage.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


For the past week Jordon has been crying really hard when I drop him off for school. He was doing so well, occassionally he would say I want you to stay, or give an extra long goodbye, but for the most part stayed willingly. I feel so bad, he just says over and over again
"I want you to be my teacher"
"I will miss you"
"Stay with me"
I hope he grows out of this quickly because it is breaking my heart!

Free Dog

Today I don't want my dog. Normally she is kenneled when we leave the house. A few days ago I accidently forgot to kennel her when we left and she was perfect when we got home. So slowly I have been letting her out a little more when we leave. I still keep her gated in the living room just not in her kennel. Two days ago Joel let her out in the morning and forgot to lock her up before we took him to work... this is a must in the morning because I know she has not had time to empty her bowels. We came home from dropping Joel off and found SEVERAL piles of watered down doo doo (to put it nicely) in the girls room. I was mad, but didn't necessarily blame Lexi because Joel forgot to lock her up. I spent that day shampooing the carpet and cleaning the girls room. Today we took Joel to work and then came home. I made the kids waffels and took the boys to school. I briefly came home afterward to grab my phone which I forgot and thought " I should let Lexi out. She has been good. " So I let her out of her kennel.. gated the living room and went to Walmart. I was gone maybe and hour an came home to... Lexi at the door. How did she get out? What did this mean? Why does the house smell like poop? Where are all the left over Waffles? Why is there a glass on the floor? Why is the frying pan licked clean? How can it be that the gate is still shut and Lexi is in the Kitchen? The answer can only be she has learned to jump over the gate. So, naturally Lexi will be kenneled until further notice or someone comes and takes her. Oh, did I mention that she decided that it would be nice to poop on the middle of the girls floor again!



Brianna and I were eating lunch together. We had fish sticks, fruit and rice. Followed by Soy Milk. Naturally, after drinking, I let out a burp. Brianna starts laughing and says
"Eww! Gross!"
"What?" I asked
"You just tooted in your mouth!" she replied
While laughing I explain "..no I burped"
"... yeah.. in your mouth!"

Some days kids perception of things is so funny.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween costumes

Today I was on the search for Halloween costumes for the kids. Brianna said she wanted to be Dora, Jordon wanted to be a cat, and Jereme wanted to be Goop from Ben 10. After searching all the party stores I concluded the following.

1. Halloween is totally over priced

2. There is not a single modest costume for me.. unless I want to be a clown.

3. Dora's plastic costume and paper shoes are not worth $45.

4. No where sells a cat costume for kids.. unless you are 0-18 mos.

5. Jordon would actually rather be a girl for Halloween with a pink wig and leopard print staff.

6. Brianna does not like wigs and would rather be a cowboy with a gun.

7. Take your child to the bathroom several times or they will poop in their pants.

8. There are no alien costumes

9. Jordon would also like the sexy lady bug dress costume or black slip with his pink hair.

10. Brianna would like to be Diego

11. I could make all of their costumes for half the stores price and make it look 100 times more realistic.

12. If I had $20 to spend on the Homer mask I would make Joel wear it.

13. If I had to choose.. I would be the "Tacky Tourist" for Halloween... but then again can not justify spending $50 on a costume.

At the end of the day, my phone was dead (thanks to the cat who chewed through my charger), Natalie was still in her Jammies, Brianna had no underwear (trashed after the accident), Jordon still wanted the Pink hair, and we had no costumes. It was such a productive day.. however I did manage to find a mini fog machine.... but no fog solution! After some negotiating Jordon has agreed to use his superman costume and allow Brianna to wear his Flash costume..only we have to call her "Super Cape". Joel will be a Gorilla and Jereme is now undecided. I on the other hand will just be an old tired woman, I won't have to change much!

Popcorn Sales

For the past two weeks we have been working hard on selling boy scout popcorn for Jereme. We sold at Blockbuster 4 nights and knocked on some doors. Naturally we also asked family for their support. Tonight we had to have all the orders in. I was so proud of Jereme, he worked so hard and was such a persuasive and handsome salesman. His grand total of sales was $1000! The prize that he has picked is the bow and arrow, he is so excited! I also just took on the roll of his Assistant Den Leader. I am so excited to do scouts with him, and surprisingly he is too! I even get a snazzy yellow uniform shirt to go with the title.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The police

I kept telling Jordon that we don't sit or stand on the toy kitchen. He decided he wasn't going to listen. "Jordon would you like to get down, or would you like a time out" I asked. Picking up the toy phone he says" I am calling the police.... hello police... my mom is being rude!" My dad and I start laughing hysterically, to which he adds ".. and they are laughing at me.. yeah.. ok... bye.." Pop Pop asks "What did they say?" Jordon turns with attitude and says "They are coming to get you guys and take you away!"
So parents watch how you speak to your kids, if you give them options it is considered rude and you could be arrested!

Eight is the count

Yesterday I dropped Jordon off at school. I told his teacher that Jordon had hurt his foot over the weekend and has been limping for the past couple of days. I told her that if he complained about it that he could come home. About two hours into his day I got a phone call from the school nurse. I wasn't surprised at all, figuring that the phone call was due to his foot. She then informed me that "Jordon was playing on the playground and was stung by a bee... actually six bees!"
Holy Crap! My poor boy. Thoughts of allergic reactions stormed my mind and the movie "My Girl" haunted my thoghts. Joel is allergic to bees so naturally I wanted to pick him up and monitor him. On the way to the school I called the doctors and called my dad (he's a nurse) to come over and examine him. When I got to the school Jordon seemed perfectly fine. He continued to say over and over "Those bugs that bit me are just so stupid, I don't like them." I took him home and he was insistant that a bath would make him feel better. So I put him in the bath, which was nice because I could actually examine his body a little better. The official count was 4 on his right back side, 3 on his left side and one under his armpit. He must have been in the perfect position for the bees to swarm up his coat and two shirts and then sting him multiple times. Just thinking about bees up my shirt gives me the hebe jebes!! Luckily he didn't react at all and was able to go to school today. He will ocassionally complain about them itching but thank heavens it wasn't any more serious!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Natalie is One

Dear Natalie,
I can't believe how fast life passes me by. It seems like only yesterday you were born. This past year has been filled with countless memories that as your mother I could never forget. You bring a certain joy to our family that no one else could ever give. Your brothers and sisters absolutely adore you and smother you in love all the time. From your sweet kisses and gentle hugs to your high pitched laugh and enormous smile I thank god for sending you to us everyday.
You have grow so quick over the past year but here are some of your recent favorites.
You love hair.. mine especially! If it is not in your hand when it is time to sleep.. there is no sleep for you. I have been placing a strawberry shortcake doll next to your hand to try to trick you. Sometimes it works.. but most the time not.
You have discovered music and love to dance to it. So precious!
You also have discovered the phone and despite your little hands you somehow manage to pick it up, place it to your ear and mumble a few sounds.. sometimes they sound like hi and bye.
You love the little kitchen and find that the best time to go and dump out all the food is right after I have cleaned them up and vacuumed.
As soon as Daddy or Pop Pop walk in the room you will sit there and bounce up and down with your hands in the air until they pick you up.
You love love love to eat. As long as you are eating you are good to go. Anything and everything is good for you.. but peanut butter and jelly seems to be the favorite right now. You and your brother Jordon have that in common.
You decided that you don't like the crib and would rather sleep with your sister.. which seems to be just fine with her.. although she doesn't like it as much when you pull her hair.. again I place the doll in between you two.
We have a dog and a cat and you love to play with them both. You will chase Sophie the cat around and throw the ball for her. Lexi, well you just lay on her most of the time.
You love to laugh and be tickled but no one can make you laugh like your brother Jereme can. I don't know what it is.
You have almost mastered walking and won't give up. It won't be long.
Lastly, you love the tub! I always find you in the bathroom trying to get in it. When ever some one is in the shower you will stand at the door wanting to get in. If the door is ever left open we can bet that you will be soaking wet from standing there with the curtain open.
I love you so much! You are a beautiful and sweet child of God, and I am so glad that we have an eternal family.
Happy Birthday!

The big 7

Dear Jereme,
You have grown into such a sweet and handsome boy! Sadly you got sick on your birthday this year and we had to cancel your party. Most of the day you sat on the couch and I rubbed your head. I felt so bad for you. This past year you have grown more mature.
You do extremely well in school and that is important for you.
You love to draw and color. You are extremely artistic and I hope that you will continue on with it.. you have a true talent.
Your favorite things right now are Star Wars, Ben 10, Bionicles and Pokemon. You will spend hours building your own designs for Bionicles. They are quite cool!
You love being a brother and spending time with your family. Of course there are fights but tons of fun as well. As I watch you guys play it takes me back to when I was a child being crazy with my bothers and sisters. It is so much fun to watch!
You love to play baseball and you are a great team player. Your coach absolutely loved having you on his team because you listen and you are quite good.
You started taking piano lessons this year as well as swimming lessons. You love to swim and even have to have the goggles in the tub so you can swim. You are fearless.
You love your friends and are a great friend to them. Some of your friends this year are Elijah, Xavion, Murphy, Taylor, Madeline, Neo and many more. In fact when I take you to school there are always kids saying hi and bye to you. When I take your brother to his class I have several kids wave to me and whisper to the other kids " that's Jereme's mom!". I love it.
I love you so much and I am so proud of the boy you are becoming. It is because of you that our family exists today and is eternal.

Happy Birthday Bear!

Monday, March 16, 2009


After a month and a half of being unemployed Joel started back to work again on Friday. I have to admit that I was getting a little worried towards the end there. Needless to say things were getting a little stressful around the house and it seemed like we were at each others throats more often. The great news is that he went back to work with a promotion. He is now a foreman on the Asplundh crew for tree work. YEAH!! We are so proud of him, he totally deserves this job. We are also so grateful for my grandparents and mom for all they did for us while he was unemployed. We don't know what we would have done with out them. We truly are blessed!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

candy jars

For family home evening this past monday we made candy jars. Each person decorated their jar and filled it with their favorite candies. The catch is that if you are mean to anyone through out the day you have to give them a piece of your candy. If you are nice the whole day.. you get to pick a piece from your own jar. The kids loved this project. As always we concluded our FHE with a prayer.. this time given by Jordon and it went something like this.
" heavenly father thank you for this day, please help daddy find a job, please keep daddy safe, help me be nice and if I am not nice I have to give somebody candy. Help Brianna and Jereme not to be nice so they can give me candy, name of Jesus Christ amen"
How could we not laugh... kids are so honest in their thinking... you know secretly all of us are thinking the same thing.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Pay it Forward

Pay it FORWARD…How it works:
The FIRST THREE people to leave a comment on this post will receive at some point during this year a handmade gift from me. What it will be and when it will arrive will be a total surprise–to both of us! The CATCH is that YOU MUST PLAY TOO!
Before you leave your comment here, write a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going (you can cut and paste these instructions). Then come back and let me know that you are going to play, and sit back and anticipate the arrival of your gift. It’s THAT easy! Remember, only the FIRST THREE comments will qualify. Good luck!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jordon's favorite thing to do

I am doing the spotlights for primary in our ward. One of the questions is "favorite thing to do with your family." Jordon's response: "Hug! I really like to hug Jereme in the morning before school, I wish he would let me kiss him too. " Kids are so cute, I am so glad that they are so close... even though they can get out of control sometimes.

The Golden Corral

My grandparents took Joel and I out to the Golden Corral for Joel's birthday present today. Might I just say that they have the best coconut shrimp that I have ever had in my life. Joel had a bout 5 plates full of food... I only had 3! It was really great, and even though I hate being away from my kids it was nice to be out together. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa.

A mother knows

Natalie has been cranky again lately and the past two days has not been eating so well. I tried to push off the instinct that she might have another ear infection but I just couldn't. So, today I took her to the doctors. They spent nearly 15 mins removing a pea sized ear wax ball (yuck!!) from her ear that was green, oddly enough, so they could see behind it. Low and Behold there it was.. another red, bulging ear infection. My poor baby is back on medicine again. The doctors said since she has had 3 in a little over a month that if she keeps getting them we might have to put tubes in. I say what ever takes the pain away from her I am willing to do.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthdays Birthdays

On Friday it was my sister Ashley's Birthday. We went out dancing and had lots of fun. It had been a while since I had been out with the girls. We went with Kelsi, one of Ashley's friends. I do have to say... I am so glad I am married and don't have to search among the booty bumping boys to find a decent man. On Sunday we had the family party at Ashley and Cody's apartment. It was lots of fun, filled with Call of Duty 4, cake, the office, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn. Who wouldn't have had a good time?

The next day (yesterday) was Joel's birthday. I spent the morning making cheese cake upon his request. Just as it was finished (4 hours later) I took it out of the oven, only to have the bottom of the spring form pan push through the sides and cause nearly the entire cake to land on the oven door! Well guess what... we used a spatula to scoop it back in the pan, added a topping to the cheese cake and let it set. You couldn't even tell that half of the crust was now stirred in the middle of the cake. Ashley then came over and helped me stuff about 50 shells for the birthday dinner. All of us met over at my moms and celebrated with dinner and cheese cake. Now because we were at my moms house we had to find other ways to entertain ourselves because there are no video games. So for those of you who know these games we played the following:

1. Mafia (where you sit in a circle, there is one killer who winks at you and you have to guess who it is)

2. Mexican Horse race.... mom was Arted. hahaha

3. Vegetable master... thank you girls camp for teaching me that one

and finally

4. Heads up 7 up

It was lots of fun and as usual we all had a great time with the family. Happy Birthday Ashley and Joel.


After a time out for squirting toothpaste all over the sink in the bathroom, Jordon and Brianna started playing together again. Jordon turned to Brianna and held a paper heart over his chest and then said.. "You make my heart super happy" I love it when they are so sweet to eachother!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ashley and I are thinking of starting a cleaning business of our own. Any thoughts for a name... really any idea is welcome because we have nothing.

Day 3 and 4

Yesterday was day three of potty training. Brianna did so good. She always stays dry after her nap, and towards the evening she really got it. She kept telling us "peep" when ever she had to go. She did have one accident because we were doing puzzles and she was having to much fun. But, she told me as she was doing it and we ran to the bathroom. Today she has been doing pretty good too. She had one accident out in the garage.. Joel was keeping an eye on her. This is probably why she had the accident. I have been able to give her a little space because she is really getting the hang of it. Poor Jordon and Natalie has probably felt a little neglected these past few days, so I will be paying special attention to them for a while.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 2

Today was day 2 of potty training Brianna. It went really well! She woke up dry and went right on the potty. So of course she got to pick a prize, candy and a sticker. I was so proud of her. Through out the day she had about 4 accidents and about 5 successes. She stayed dry through her nap and was really good at night. I think she is by far the easiest to train so far. Maybe it is the method... it really seems to work. Thanks again Anissa.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yet Another

Today is my sister-in-laws birthday. We celebrated it yesterday and had lots of fun. You know I never realized until now that no matter what the occasion, when my family gets together there is no censor. Farts, Burps, Laughs, and personal stories always arise. I am glad she has such an great sense of humor, if she didn't, she wouldn't survive. Jen is an awesome friend and sister, I love her and her cute cute kids. Happy Birthday Jen!

Potty Training

Thanks to my cousin Anissa I now have the information for a 3 day potty training "boot camp". It says that 22 months is the ideal time to potty train a child, so today was day one. I made sure I had all prizes, treats, and underwear ready. It wasn't that bad of a day. Brianna had 11 accidents, all potty, and 3 successful potties on the toilet. She even stayed dry all through her nap and then went potty on the toilet right when she got up. After nap she had quite a few accidents, but she made up for it at bed time. We were all in bed and she got up, called my name, and we went in to the bathroom. She then went potty and her first poop in the toilet. I was so excited!! At this point it was already 10pm, but I had to give her a prize for doing such a good job. So naturally she had to show everyone. This is why no one fell to sleep till 10:30. All in all I think day 1 was a huge success.

Appropriate Behavior

I went after school to talk to Jereme's teacher about a few things and she mentioned to me that she had to have a very serious talk with everyone about appropriate behavior in school. I guess the girls wouldn't leave Jereme alone... they keep hugging and kissing him. I think I might have some future trouble on my hands!

A Good Note

The other day I picked up Jereme from school and his teacher said that he did something so awesome and that she was so proud of him. She sent a note home explaining what had happened. The note told of how Jereme was playing with two boys and they decided to go pick on another kid. Jereme told them no and went on playing with out them. The two boys went on to bother this other boy and they started to push him and "step on his face". Jereme ran over to help the boy on the ground. He told them to stop and tried to pull the other boy out, but in the words of Jereme "There was too much weight". Shortly after a TA came over and broke it up, and the boy was fine. I was SO proud of Jereme! I always tell him to be friends with every one and to never make fun of or hurt anyone. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself, but now I know he listens. He is such a good kid!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More birthdays

Today was Jordon and Amy's birthday. It started off by taking Natalie and Jordon to the doctors for their well check ups. They are right on track. Jordon weighs 31 pounds, this puts him in the 10th percentile, but that is normal for him. Natalie is 13.9 pounds, she is in the 25th percentile. Jordon didn't need to get shots, that would not have been nice on his birthday! However, Natalie had to get 3. I always feel so bad when I have to hold them for shots and they look up at me with those eyes that say "why are you letting them do this to me". But I held her and fed her, then she was okay and took a nice long nap. Jordon just wanted to get out of there, he kept saying " mom, we are going to be late for my party".
After the doctors we went to Auntie Jen and Uncle Micah's house to watch the boys while we were at work. They really have a lot of fun together, and they all keep each other busy which is nice. I am so glad that we are near them.
When Micah got home we ran to the store to get some last minute things and rushed home to get everything ready. An hour later we were eating Fettuccine Alfredo, broccoli, garlic bread and salad. Jordon loves fettuccine but Amy does not. She was nice enough to give in and she had butter and garlic noodles in stead. We also had two desserts. Amy wanted yummy squares, so grandma made them. Jordon wanted a rainbow sprinkle cake and a strawberry cake. I layered them and covered it with chocolate frosting... ah the things we do for our kids! It actually was pretty good. We then watched as they opened their presents. Jordon got mostly cars, four wheelers, bikes, and money. Just what he wanted. Amy got a new bed set, a gift card to a salon, and some clothes.
It was a beautiful day and so nice to spend with each other. Hopefully someday all of our family will be here together.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A dear friend

Today Becky Vanluvanee ( Helms) passed away. I can honestly say that during my high school years she was one of my best friends. We had so much fun together. She lived with my family for a few months in my junior year and as I reflect back I can only smile and laugh. So I thought I would share some of my favorite memories of her.

When I had my ankle casted I remember complaining about how much it itched so we got a ruler so I could reach down inside and scratch it, only it got stuck. She went with me to the doctors so they could cut the cast off and low and behold there was the ruler!

We snuck out of the house one night to go gallivanting in the winter. We crossed the cul de sac and pushed her red nova to the stop sign, so as not to wake my parents. We then started the car and left. We drove around aimlessly freezing because the heater was broken. We listened to the kinleys screaming the words, each taking different harmony. We had to stop every so often to scrape off the ice on the window so we could see. A few weeks later her dad showed us that the heater did work... we just didn't know how to turn it on!

One day she pulled up to my school and I left (ditched) so that we could drive a half hour to the Willow Grove mall. We spent just over $200 on clearance item clothing in Wet Seal. It was fun trying to sneak all those bags into the house, and then hide them for the next week so my parents weren't suspicious.

We sang many times together in church, our last song was "If thou had been here". We wrote a harmony part to it and it was so beautiful. We spent lots of our time writing music and playing the guitar. I still have all the poems we wrote and the songs as well. They will mean so much more now than ever.

She was a brides maid at my wedding. I am so glad she was there for me. After all of the pictures were taken she pulled me aside and took some more, placing my hands on my belly.. she was so excited that we were having kids together.. I was too. A few months later I got to see her and Chris get married. It was so beautiful, they are so perfect for each other.

Through out the past 6 years I would see her at our kids birthday parties and play dates here and there. I always looked forward to seeing her, she lit up the room where ever she went. And boy could she tell a story. She could make a leaf on a tree seem hilarious. I miss her laugh.

Her last months on earth were hard for her and I never got to say goodbye before leaving for Alaska. We were due at the same time with girls until she found out she was sick. I figured it would have been too hard to see her... I wish I had. My love for her and her family is endless. I think of her often and her sweet boys.

I love you Becky and will miss you very much, but now you can be with your little girl and be a guardian angel to those you left behind. You are a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

Till we meet again

(I know the picture is not the best, but it is the only one not in storage)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

church is exhausting

After Church a few weeks ago Brianna was really hungry. She was also very tired. I put her bib on her and told her to get up to the table... this is where I found her a few minutes later.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hoarfrost.. truly amazing

This tree is in my brothers front yard.. the picture really doesn't do it justice.

(hôrfrôst, -frst, hr-)
Frozen dew that forms a white coating on a surface. Also called white frost.

Random Pictures

Jordon and Natalie
Jereme and Natalie

Brianna and my boots!

Snow Machining

The Kids got a snow machine and a four wheeler for Christmas. It was -30 outside so the four wheeler wouldn't start but here are the pictures of them snow machining. We went up to willow with the Iveys to their cabin and had lots of fun!
Here is Brianna and Josh.. she stayed on for like 10 seconds.
Jereme absolutely loved it

Jordon did a great job all by himself.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How many times

The question is how many times does a mother with four children have to take her children to the doctors/ER in one month...

1. Brianna put her tooth through her lip visit to ER
2. Jordon breaks out in rash on hand go to DR
3. medicine for Jordon doesn't work.. back at doctors
4. Natalie gets double ear infection go to DR
5. Jordon decides to administer benadryl to himself visit to ER
6. Natalie comes down with croup go to DR
7. Jordon gets ear infection and the start of pneumonia go to DR
8. Natalie gets another ear infection go to DR
9. Natalie breaks out in rash all over her body go to DR

Do the math and I am at the Dr. or ER at least twice a week... luck me!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Blustery Day

I was watching the weather and decided to ignore the advice on "stay in side wind gusts will be between 70 -100 mph" I thought that it would be fun to go to the mall instead. I loaded up all four kids and headed to the mall for story time at the library. I promptly at 11:30 only to find out that story time was at 11! So we checked out books and did some shopping. When it was time to leave I packed up the kids only to find that Natalie had exploded all over her clothes and therefore got a new outfit at Old Navy. Once again got the kids ready to go, opened the door to the outside and experienced several gusts of wind. The first took Natalies blanket and landed it in a muddy puddle. The next took the clothes that I had in the back of the car that I am donating to good will. I chased them down and also recovered a helmet that had escaped. I quickly loaded the kids in the car and then chased down my new double stroller that had run away. I then spent the next five minutes trying to figure out how to fold the stroller up but the wind was so strong and my hands so frozen I just couldn't do it. And this is why I drove all the way home with my double stroller jammed in the back of my car unfolded. Next time I think I will stay in.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A completely different world

I must say being in Alaska is quite different. I love it here it is so laid back. I do have to comment on the roads though. In Pennsylvania a fleet of trucks would plow, salt, and sand all the roads at the first mention of snow or freezing rain. I guess up here they just don't care since we get so much all winter long. We have gone from feet of snow and -20 to freezing rain and 30 degrees in a matter of days. Let me just tell you what this does to the roads... any one have ice skates?!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Battle wounds

Brianna tried to squeeze thru the banister...this is what she got.

Natalie Joyceann

More pictures are coming but here are a few. These were taken 2 months ago. She is so wonderful and such a good baby.


I know its late but this was Halloween.

Pics of Jereme's B-day

Click to play Jereme's 6th
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I have a butt crack

After taking Jereme to school this morning Jordon began to whine over and over again in the car. "Mom I have a butt Crack"......humm...what does one make of that. "What do you mean" I say. "I have a butt crack that you pull pants off of." I think for a minute and assume that he must have a wedgie. I tell him to hold on and that we are almost home. While getting him out he turns around and yells "Look mom I have a butt crack" showing me that his pants were down past his butt the whole ride.. LOL!

Dear Previous Tenant

My sister recently took over your old apartment, so naturally I offered to help her clean it. I know that we all live different lives and have our own ways in which we do things... but come on. The amount of cat and dog hair that you left behind is innumerable as the sands on the beach. I am haunted by the fear of running across a furless animal in the future since I know I just vaccumed it all up. Speaking of hair.. how does one get so much hair stuck to the inside of the fridge? And speaking of stuck.. what is with that washcloth frozen in an ice block stuck to the bathroom window? We have many hours of cleaning left to do and so I felt it necessary to thank you for all the work you have created for us. Oh and by the way if you are looking for your Jack Daniels, broom, 12 glasses, santa in a sleigh, toilet brush, 20 disposable razors, ex-lax, and all other items that are too many to name you won't find them here. We have donated them to the Alaska Waste Lands.

Thanks again

Lady with nothing else to do.