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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween costumes

Today I was on the search for Halloween costumes for the kids. Brianna said she wanted to be Dora, Jordon wanted to be a cat, and Jereme wanted to be Goop from Ben 10. After searching all the party stores I concluded the following.

1. Halloween is totally over priced

2. There is not a single modest costume for me.. unless I want to be a clown.

3. Dora's plastic costume and paper shoes are not worth $45.

4. No where sells a cat costume for kids.. unless you are 0-18 mos.

5. Jordon would actually rather be a girl for Halloween with a pink wig and leopard print staff.

6. Brianna does not like wigs and would rather be a cowboy with a gun.

7. Take your child to the bathroom several times or they will poop in their pants.

8. There are no alien costumes

9. Jordon would also like the sexy lady bug dress costume or black slip with his pink hair.

10. Brianna would like to be Diego

11. I could make all of their costumes for half the stores price and make it look 100 times more realistic.

12. If I had $20 to spend on the Homer mask I would make Joel wear it.

13. If I had to choose.. I would be the "Tacky Tourist" for Halloween... but then again can not justify spending $50 on a costume.

At the end of the day, my phone was dead (thanks to the cat who chewed through my charger), Natalie was still in her Jammies, Brianna had no underwear (trashed after the accident), Jordon still wanted the Pink hair, and we had no costumes. It was such a productive day.. however I did manage to find a mini fog machine.... but no fog solution! After some negotiating Jordon has agreed to use his superman costume and allow Brianna to wear his Flash costume..only we have to call her "Super Cape". Joel will be a Gorilla and Jereme is now undecided. I on the other hand will just be an old tired woman, I won't have to change much!


The Ivey Family said...

wow, sounds like the best day ever!!! ive had a few of those....i feel your pain/joy!? here are some fun site i found that might help you out....here kitty kitty....... http://familyfun.go.com/halloween/halloween-kids-costumes/animal-costumes/kitty-costume-662401/ this one looks like an alein..... http://familyfun.go.com/halloween/halloween-kids-costumes/funny-costumes/bug-eyed-bug-669106/ and if joel is going to be a gorilla you may as well be ann darrow, i'm sure you could find a great white dress at a thrift store! that would be FUN!! i love halloween!! we'll see you at trunk or treat!!

Anissa said...

This was a hilarious post, thanks for sharing!
What I find works really well for us each Halloween is to shop eBay for our costumes. You can usually get great deals and then they are shipped right to your door and you don't have to wrestle kids at the costume stores.
Hope you have a Happy Halloween despite all the madness!