"The Laughter of a Child is the Light of a Home"

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ashley and I are thinking of starting a cleaning business of our own. Any thoughts for a name... really any idea is welcome because we have nothing.

Day 3 and 4

Yesterday was day three of potty training. Brianna did so good. She always stays dry after her nap, and towards the evening she really got it. She kept telling us "peep" when ever she had to go. She did have one accident because we were doing puzzles and she was having to much fun. But, she told me as she was doing it and we ran to the bathroom. Today she has been doing pretty good too. She had one accident out in the garage.. Joel was keeping an eye on her. This is probably why she had the accident. I have been able to give her a little space because she is really getting the hang of it. Poor Jordon and Natalie has probably felt a little neglected these past few days, so I will be paying special attention to them for a while.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 2

Today was day 2 of potty training Brianna. It went really well! She woke up dry and went right on the potty. So of course she got to pick a prize, candy and a sticker. I was so proud of her. Through out the day she had about 4 accidents and about 5 successes. She stayed dry through her nap and was really good at night. I think she is by far the easiest to train so far. Maybe it is the method... it really seems to work. Thanks again Anissa.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yet Another

Today is my sister-in-laws birthday. We celebrated it yesterday and had lots of fun. You know I never realized until now that no matter what the occasion, when my family gets together there is no censor. Farts, Burps, Laughs, and personal stories always arise. I am glad she has such an great sense of humor, if she didn't, she wouldn't survive. Jen is an awesome friend and sister, I love her and her cute cute kids. Happy Birthday Jen!

Potty Training

Thanks to my cousin Anissa I now have the information for a 3 day potty training "boot camp". It says that 22 months is the ideal time to potty train a child, so today was day one. I made sure I had all prizes, treats, and underwear ready. It wasn't that bad of a day. Brianna had 11 accidents, all potty, and 3 successful potties on the toilet. She even stayed dry all through her nap and then went potty on the toilet right when she got up. After nap she had quite a few accidents, but she made up for it at bed time. We were all in bed and she got up, called my name, and we went in to the bathroom. She then went potty and her first poop in the toilet. I was so excited!! At this point it was already 10pm, but I had to give her a prize for doing such a good job. So naturally she had to show everyone. This is why no one fell to sleep till 10:30. All in all I think day 1 was a huge success.

Appropriate Behavior

I went after school to talk to Jereme's teacher about a few things and she mentioned to me that she had to have a very serious talk with everyone about appropriate behavior in school. I guess the girls wouldn't leave Jereme alone... they keep hugging and kissing him. I think I might have some future trouble on my hands!

A Good Note

The other day I picked up Jereme from school and his teacher said that he did something so awesome and that she was so proud of him. She sent a note home explaining what had happened. The note told of how Jereme was playing with two boys and they decided to go pick on another kid. Jereme told them no and went on playing with out them. The two boys went on to bother this other boy and they started to push him and "step on his face". Jereme ran over to help the boy on the ground. He told them to stop and tried to pull the other boy out, but in the words of Jereme "There was too much weight". Shortly after a TA came over and broke it up, and the boy was fine. I was SO proud of Jereme! I always tell him to be friends with every one and to never make fun of or hurt anyone. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself, but now I know he listens. He is such a good kid!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More birthdays

Today was Jordon and Amy's birthday. It started off by taking Natalie and Jordon to the doctors for their well check ups. They are right on track. Jordon weighs 31 pounds, this puts him in the 10th percentile, but that is normal for him. Natalie is 13.9 pounds, she is in the 25th percentile. Jordon didn't need to get shots, that would not have been nice on his birthday! However, Natalie had to get 3. I always feel so bad when I have to hold them for shots and they look up at me with those eyes that say "why are you letting them do this to me". But I held her and fed her, then she was okay and took a nice long nap. Jordon just wanted to get out of there, he kept saying " mom, we are going to be late for my party".
After the doctors we went to Auntie Jen and Uncle Micah's house to watch the boys while we were at work. They really have a lot of fun together, and they all keep each other busy which is nice. I am so glad that we are near them.
When Micah got home we ran to the store to get some last minute things and rushed home to get everything ready. An hour later we were eating Fettuccine Alfredo, broccoli, garlic bread and salad. Jordon loves fettuccine but Amy does not. She was nice enough to give in and she had butter and garlic noodles in stead. We also had two desserts. Amy wanted yummy squares, so grandma made them. Jordon wanted a rainbow sprinkle cake and a strawberry cake. I layered them and covered it with chocolate frosting... ah the things we do for our kids! It actually was pretty good. We then watched as they opened their presents. Jordon got mostly cars, four wheelers, bikes, and money. Just what he wanted. Amy got a new bed set, a gift card to a salon, and some clothes.
It was a beautiful day and so nice to spend with each other. Hopefully someday all of our family will be here together.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A dear friend

Today Becky Vanluvanee ( Helms) passed away. I can honestly say that during my high school years she was one of my best friends. We had so much fun together. She lived with my family for a few months in my junior year and as I reflect back I can only smile and laugh. So I thought I would share some of my favorite memories of her.

When I had my ankle casted I remember complaining about how much it itched so we got a ruler so I could reach down inside and scratch it, only it got stuck. She went with me to the doctors so they could cut the cast off and low and behold there was the ruler!

We snuck out of the house one night to go gallivanting in the winter. We crossed the cul de sac and pushed her red nova to the stop sign, so as not to wake my parents. We then started the car and left. We drove around aimlessly freezing because the heater was broken. We listened to the kinleys screaming the words, each taking different harmony. We had to stop every so often to scrape off the ice on the window so we could see. A few weeks later her dad showed us that the heater did work... we just didn't know how to turn it on!

One day she pulled up to my school and I left (ditched) so that we could drive a half hour to the Willow Grove mall. We spent just over $200 on clearance item clothing in Wet Seal. It was fun trying to sneak all those bags into the house, and then hide them for the next week so my parents weren't suspicious.

We sang many times together in church, our last song was "If thou had been here". We wrote a harmony part to it and it was so beautiful. We spent lots of our time writing music and playing the guitar. I still have all the poems we wrote and the songs as well. They will mean so much more now than ever.

She was a brides maid at my wedding. I am so glad she was there for me. After all of the pictures were taken she pulled me aside and took some more, placing my hands on my belly.. she was so excited that we were having kids together.. I was too. A few months later I got to see her and Chris get married. It was so beautiful, they are so perfect for each other.

Through out the past 6 years I would see her at our kids birthday parties and play dates here and there. I always looked forward to seeing her, she lit up the room where ever she went. And boy could she tell a story. She could make a leaf on a tree seem hilarious. I miss her laugh.

Her last months on earth were hard for her and I never got to say goodbye before leaving for Alaska. We were due at the same time with girls until she found out she was sick. I figured it would have been too hard to see her... I wish I had. My love for her and her family is endless. I think of her often and her sweet boys.

I love you Becky and will miss you very much, but now you can be with your little girl and be a guardian angel to those you left behind. You are a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

Till we meet again

(I know the picture is not the best, but it is the only one not in storage)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

church is exhausting

After Church a few weeks ago Brianna was really hungry. She was also very tired. I put her bib on her and told her to get up to the table... this is where I found her a few minutes later.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hoarfrost.. truly amazing

This tree is in my brothers front yard.. the picture really doesn't do it justice.

(hôrfrôst, -frst, hr-)
Frozen dew that forms a white coating on a surface. Also called white frost.

Random Pictures

Jordon and Natalie
Jereme and Natalie

Brianna and my boots!

Snow Machining

The Kids got a snow machine and a four wheeler for Christmas. It was -30 outside so the four wheeler wouldn't start but here are the pictures of them snow machining. We went up to willow with the Iveys to their cabin and had lots of fun!
Here is Brianna and Josh.. she stayed on for like 10 seconds.
Jereme absolutely loved it

Jordon did a great job all by himself.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How many times

The question is how many times does a mother with four children have to take her children to the doctors/ER in one month...

1. Brianna put her tooth through her lip visit to ER
2. Jordon breaks out in rash on hand go to DR
3. medicine for Jordon doesn't work.. back at doctors
4. Natalie gets double ear infection go to DR
5. Jordon decides to administer benadryl to himself visit to ER
6. Natalie comes down with croup go to DR
7. Jordon gets ear infection and the start of pneumonia go to DR
8. Natalie gets another ear infection go to DR
9. Natalie breaks out in rash all over her body go to DR

Do the math and I am at the Dr. or ER at least twice a week... luck me!!