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Thursday, February 5, 2009

How many times

The question is how many times does a mother with four children have to take her children to the doctors/ER in one month...

1. Brianna put her tooth through her lip visit to ER
2. Jordon breaks out in rash on hand go to DR
3. medicine for Jordon doesn't work.. back at doctors
4. Natalie gets double ear infection go to DR
5. Jordon decides to administer benadryl to himself visit to ER
6. Natalie comes down with croup go to DR
7. Jordon gets ear infection and the start of pneumonia go to DR
8. Natalie gets another ear infection go to DR
9. Natalie breaks out in rash all over her body go to DR

Do the math and I am at the Dr. or ER at least twice a week... luck me!!


Jackie said...

This makes me tired...

shannon said...

Oh my! You poor thing...
We had a crazy few days before Christmas (2 consecutive days in the drs. office for strep and on day 3, (Christmas Eve), Ellie put a peanut up her nose...good times!

Susan Knight said...

I used to tell the doctor that I was helping him build a wing onto his office.... I was there every 10days for either an ear infection or an ear infection check with Tim.