"The Laughter of a Child is the Light of a Home"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The big 7

Dear Jereme,
You have grown into such a sweet and handsome boy! Sadly you got sick on your birthday this year and we had to cancel your party. Most of the day you sat on the couch and I rubbed your head. I felt so bad for you. This past year you have grown more mature.
You do extremely well in school and that is important for you.
You love to draw and color. You are extremely artistic and I hope that you will continue on with it.. you have a true talent.
Your favorite things right now are Star Wars, Ben 10, Bionicles and Pokemon. You will spend hours building your own designs for Bionicles. They are quite cool!
You love being a brother and spending time with your family. Of course there are fights but tons of fun as well. As I watch you guys play it takes me back to when I was a child being crazy with my bothers and sisters. It is so much fun to watch!
You love to play baseball and you are a great team player. Your coach absolutely loved having you on his team because you listen and you are quite good.
You started taking piano lessons this year as well as swimming lessons. You love to swim and even have to have the goggles in the tub so you can swim. You are fearless.
You love your friends and are a great friend to them. Some of your friends this year are Elijah, Xavion, Murphy, Taylor, Madeline, Neo and many more. In fact when I take you to school there are always kids saying hi and bye to you. When I take your brother to his class I have several kids wave to me and whisper to the other kids " that's Jereme's mom!". I love it.
I love you so much and I am so proud of the boy you are becoming. It is because of you that our family exists today and is eternal.

Happy Birthday Bear!

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