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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eight is the count

Yesterday I dropped Jordon off at school. I told his teacher that Jordon had hurt his foot over the weekend and has been limping for the past couple of days. I told her that if he complained about it that he could come home. About two hours into his day I got a phone call from the school nurse. I wasn't surprised at all, figuring that the phone call was due to his foot. She then informed me that "Jordon was playing on the playground and was stung by a bee... actually six bees!"
Holy Crap! My poor boy. Thoughts of allergic reactions stormed my mind and the movie "My Girl" haunted my thoghts. Joel is allergic to bees so naturally I wanted to pick him up and monitor him. On the way to the school I called the doctors and called my dad (he's a nurse) to come over and examine him. When I got to the school Jordon seemed perfectly fine. He continued to say over and over "Those bugs that bit me are just so stupid, I don't like them." I took him home and he was insistant that a bath would make him feel better. So I put him in the bath, which was nice because I could actually examine his body a little better. The official count was 4 on his right back side, 3 on his left side and one under his armpit. He must have been in the perfect position for the bees to swarm up his coat and two shirts and then sting him multiple times. Just thinking about bees up my shirt gives me the hebe jebes!! Luckily he didn't react at all and was able to go to school today. He will ocassionally complain about them itching but thank heavens it wasn't any more serious!

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Anissa said...

That is scary stuff! Freaks me out just to read about it. I'm so glad he's okay and is so brave!