"The Laughter of a Child is the Light of a Home"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Natalie is One

Dear Natalie,
I can't believe how fast life passes me by. It seems like only yesterday you were born. This past year has been filled with countless memories that as your mother I could never forget. You bring a certain joy to our family that no one else could ever give. Your brothers and sisters absolutely adore you and smother you in love all the time. From your sweet kisses and gentle hugs to your high pitched laugh and enormous smile I thank god for sending you to us everyday.
You have grow so quick over the past year but here are some of your recent favorites.
You love hair.. mine especially! If it is not in your hand when it is time to sleep.. there is no sleep for you. I have been placing a strawberry shortcake doll next to your hand to try to trick you. Sometimes it works.. but most the time not.
You have discovered music and love to dance to it. So precious!
You also have discovered the phone and despite your little hands you somehow manage to pick it up, place it to your ear and mumble a few sounds.. sometimes they sound like hi and bye.
You love the little kitchen and find that the best time to go and dump out all the food is right after I have cleaned them up and vacuumed.
As soon as Daddy or Pop Pop walk in the room you will sit there and bounce up and down with your hands in the air until they pick you up.
You love love love to eat. As long as you are eating you are good to go. Anything and everything is good for you.. but peanut butter and jelly seems to be the favorite right now. You and your brother Jordon have that in common.
You decided that you don't like the crib and would rather sleep with your sister.. which seems to be just fine with her.. although she doesn't like it as much when you pull her hair.. again I place the doll in between you two.
We have a dog and a cat and you love to play with them both. You will chase Sophie the cat around and throw the ball for her. Lexi, well you just lay on her most of the time.
You love to laugh and be tickled but no one can make you laugh like your brother Jereme can. I don't know what it is.
You have almost mastered walking and won't give up. It won't be long.
Lastly, you love the tub! I always find you in the bathroom trying to get in it. When ever some one is in the shower you will stand at the door wanting to get in. If the door is ever left open we can bet that you will be soaking wet from standing there with the curtain open.
I love you so much! You are a beautiful and sweet child of God, and I am so glad that we have an eternal family.
Happy Birthday!

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