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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Free Dog

Today I don't want my dog. Normally she is kenneled when we leave the house. A few days ago I accidently forgot to kennel her when we left and she was perfect when we got home. So slowly I have been letting her out a little more when we leave. I still keep her gated in the living room just not in her kennel. Two days ago Joel let her out in the morning and forgot to lock her up before we took him to work... this is a must in the morning because I know she has not had time to empty her bowels. We came home from dropping Joel off and found SEVERAL piles of watered down doo doo (to put it nicely) in the girls room. I was mad, but didn't necessarily blame Lexi because Joel forgot to lock her up. I spent that day shampooing the carpet and cleaning the girls room. Today we took Joel to work and then came home. I made the kids waffels and took the boys to school. I briefly came home afterward to grab my phone which I forgot and thought " I should let Lexi out. She has been good. " So I let her out of her kennel.. gated the living room and went to Walmart. I was gone maybe and hour an came home to... Lexi at the door. How did she get out? What did this mean? Why does the house smell like poop? Where are all the left over Waffles? Why is there a glass on the floor? Why is the frying pan licked clean? How can it be that the gate is still shut and Lexi is in the Kitchen? The answer can only be she has learned to jump over the gate. So, naturally Lexi will be kenneled until further notice or someone comes and takes her. Oh, did I mention that she decided that it would be nice to poop on the middle of the girls floor again!


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Anissa said...

WOW. That dog wouldn't have survived the day with me. Good thing you're a lot more forgiving than I am!