"The Laughter of a Child is the Light of a Home"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthdays Birthdays

On Friday it was my sister Ashley's Birthday. We went out dancing and had lots of fun. It had been a while since I had been out with the girls. We went with Kelsi, one of Ashley's friends. I do have to say... I am so glad I am married and don't have to search among the booty bumping boys to find a decent man. On Sunday we had the family party at Ashley and Cody's apartment. It was lots of fun, filled with Call of Duty 4, cake, the office, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn. Who wouldn't have had a good time?

The next day (yesterday) was Joel's birthday. I spent the morning making cheese cake upon his request. Just as it was finished (4 hours later) I took it out of the oven, only to have the bottom of the spring form pan push through the sides and cause nearly the entire cake to land on the oven door! Well guess what... we used a spatula to scoop it back in the pan, added a topping to the cheese cake and let it set. You couldn't even tell that half of the crust was now stirred in the middle of the cake. Ashley then came over and helped me stuff about 50 shells for the birthday dinner. All of us met over at my moms and celebrated with dinner and cheese cake. Now because we were at my moms house we had to find other ways to entertain ourselves because there are no video games. So for those of you who know these games we played the following:

1. Mafia (where you sit in a circle, there is one killer who winks at you and you have to guess who it is)

2. Mexican Horse race.... mom was Arted. hahaha

3. Vegetable master... thank you girls camp for teaching me that one

and finally

4. Heads up 7 up

It was lots of fun and as usual we all had a great time with the family. Happy Birthday Ashley and Joel.


Jackie said...

I'm so so glad Vegetable Master lives on...

Anissa said...

I love the classic games like that. I'll have to learn Vegetable Master from you someday. :) Happy birthday to all!

shannon said...

I am not a dancer, so that evening out with the girls sounds gruelling to me...I'm with you on being so glad to be married and not having to deal with the "booty bumping" as you call it (so funny!)

Happy belated birthday Ashley and Joel! (When is yours by the way?)

The fried chicken dinner sounds devine! I haven't had that in ages...

Glad to hear that you rescued the cheesecake...What a save!

I've never played ANY of those games! Gese Louise, where have I been???