"The Laughter of a Child is the Light of a Home"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A mother knows

Natalie has been cranky again lately and the past two days has not been eating so well. I tried to push off the instinct that she might have another ear infection but I just couldn't. So, today I took her to the doctors. They spent nearly 15 mins removing a pea sized ear wax ball (yuck!!) from her ear that was green, oddly enough, so they could see behind it. Low and Behold there it was.. another red, bulging ear infection. My poor baby is back on medicine again. The doctors said since she has had 3 in a little over a month that if she keeps getting them we might have to put tubes in. I say what ever takes the pain away from her I am willing to do.


The Ivey Family said...

I know josh and his siblings got tubes in their ears when they were little. It worked great, Elaine said they never had problems again!! poor natalie!

Anissa said...

WOW. Poor little thing. Sorry she has been so sick. You're right, Mother's do know best. Never bet against a Mother's intuition. :)

We've fortunately (knock on wood) never had an ear infection in any of our kids. Wonder why that is?