"The Laughter of a Child is the Light of a Home"

Friday, December 14, 2007

Want some?

Brianna loves to share everything. She reaches out her hand for you to take various treasures. No matter how cute she is, I don't think I would every take her up on this offer.


fosburgh family said...

She is so cute. how old is she I think her and Reagan about the same age. reagans Birthday is march 30th!

Mandi said...

Brianna's birthday is April 4th

Lexi said...

This is a cute video. My babies don't like to share. I think we have the same high chair too lol. Oh how our lives are similar. Anyway, You are nice to let Brianna feed herself. I only let the babies feed themselves waffles and this week I let them feed themselves diced peaches, carrots, and green beans. But I figured that I had to start feeding them soon because they are almost 11 months old and need to start eating. The doc told me to hold off becuase they weren't gaining weight, but I thought, I need to get on the wagon here or they will never do ANYTHING for themselves!