"The Laughter of a Child is the Light of a Home"

Sunday, December 30, 2007

I know why santa brings us presents

Yesterday I was at Walmart getting the bare essentials with my children. As always Jereme began saying " I want this", " look it's Spiderman", " Can I get this mom". As usual my answer is no, but I added to it this time, "You just got all those presents for Christmas, I think you have quite enough". Ungratefully he added that he didn't receive a transformer game. " That's too bad, maybe we could take back all the stuff you did get and get the game instead, no"?. He agreed that would not be good. I continued shopping, grabbing detergent and then headed off to the pull aisle. "Mom, I know why Santa brings us presents", Jereme began saying really excited. "Why" I responded not expecting a reasonable answer. "Because, you and Daddy never get us what we really want, so Santa has to bring us the things we want because he knows you won't". I began to laugh and wanted to tell him the secret of who Santa really is, but in my better judgement decided to just laugh on.

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Lexi said...

This is so funny. Kids are so funny sometimes. Haylee comes up with some funny logic too lol.