"The Laughter of a Child is the Light of a Home"

Friday, December 7, 2007

Don't Make the Sick Mom Mad

So I have been sick, and really irritable these past couple days. Today I went to the Doctors and of course, there is nothing to do, except drink, drink, and drink. So I went to the store to get some things to make Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup (which by the way was sooo good). So you know how they have those automated coupon machines right at 5 year old eye level, well Jereme is fascinated with them. Big Deal, at least it keeps him out of trouble, and occupied. I was searching for chicken broth and Jereme was pushing the button for a coupon when this old couple came truckin' along. The following conversation is real. I don't know what came over me... I am not usually so mean, I apologize, but I stand that I am in the right.

(Old lady pushes cart toward Jereme)

Old Lady: Excuse Me

(Jereme doesn't realize she is talking to him)

old Lady: Excuse Me, you, hey you

Jereme turns and looks at her

Old Lady: Are you going to move so I can get by.

( Let me point out that there was enough room for her, her husband, jereme, and 3 other people to pass. Why she didn't go around I don't know. Her rudeness was also uncalled for... but I let it pass and pulled Jereme out of the way)

Old Lady and husband move on and Jereme resumes getting a coupon. At this point he had only pulled one out, and was going for a second.

Old Lady: Excuse me little boy, don't do that,

Jereme once again doesn't realize she is speaking to him

Old Lady: Excues me, you, stop that ( yelling)

At this point I had had enough. That was my child...

Sick Mom: Why don't you mind your own business I am his mother and I will take care of my own Child.

Old Lady: Well he is wasting all of them, why don't you watch your child.

Sick Mom: I am, I have been the whole time. Why don't you move along and mind your own business.

At this point I turned to Jereme and said in a rather loud voice...

Sick Mom: Don't worry you didn't do anything wrong she is just a very Grumpy Old Lady, Go get some more coupons.

I continued my shopping and ran in to the same lady 3 more times. It wouldn't have been so bad had jereme not said

Jereme: Hey look mom there is that Grumpy Old Lady... I am not looking at her, I'll turn the other way.

Everytime he saw her he would say this. Perhaps I should have been more tactful. Perhaps I should have let it all slide. But, I had had enough of peoples crap today, and decided to let it be known. I love Old people, just not grumpy ones. Joel says if I don't watch my self I will become like her, I hope for his sake I don't!


Lexi said...

I am sorry that you had this issue. Don't you just HATE it when people tell you how to take care of your kids? One day I had the babies int he stroller and Laycee was not strapped in. Well, the lady came over and told me that she isn't strapped in and she is about to fall out. I look at her. Walk over and kind of straighten Laycee and little bit and intentionally skip strapping her in. She just glared at me. Not her child though right!?!

amy said...

you should have punched her and then laughed no jk that would have been mean but she was mean to you so psh to her

Jackie said...

Ha!! I am terribly proud of you. Way to stick to your guns.

The Ivey Family said...

Nah, you were JUST fine in this. I belive just as much as you could've ignored her she should've ignored you (and yours). Ya know, at the end of the day the kids are yours not hers. Some people just seem to think that they have a major role in raising peoples kids in the grocery store!? who knows??? Show 'em who the MOM is!!! -Loni