"The Laughter of a Child is the Light of a Home"

Friday, September 5, 2008

We are here

Well we finally are in Alaska. After a long cross country trip we finally find our new place here in anchorage. I can't post any pictures as of yet, our container is not due to arrive till the 21st. It was an interesting journey that consisted of 3 flat tires, a broken down trailer followed by the purchase of a new trailer in Minnesota, and to top things off a husband who was not allowed to cross the boarder into canada. Thank goodness for my mom and my aunt and uncle who were able to solve our dilemma. My uncle, who is an airline pilot, was able to send Joel and the three kids to anchorage on a flight the following day and fly my mom down to seattle so she could make a three day journey with we across canada. As it turns out, everything was a blessing in disguise. If the trailer had not broken down in Minnesota it certainly would have in Canada... the roads are shall we say in need of some TLC. Infact, when you enter Alaska they have a sign naming the roads the "Roller Coaster Roads". I am certainly glad that Joel and the kids flew because there was absolutely nothing for 2000 miles. It was a beautiful ride of mountains and lakes.... and that was it. During the day it was 39 degrees, so I can only imagine how cold it would have been at night camping with the kids... not so fun. All in all the trip was worth it. We had lots of fun and grew as a family. We are here safe and as soon as our stuff arrives I will post pictures of our journey.