"The Laughter of a Child is the Light of a Home"

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My little Picasso

Jereme loves to paint, draw, color all of it. The other day he painted this beautiful, yet very disturbing picture. Allow me to explain.

From Jereme's own mouth came the following.
" look mom it is a dinosaur robot"
You'll notice the head on the upper left and the stomach directly to the right. In the stomach there is an apple as well as blood from the " little boy he ate".
Also " look his chin turned out to be a hook and here is the little boy on the end that he is just eating"
Uh.... what does one say to this... " Great Job Honey, so uh detailed"
" Thanks mom"
I love you Jereme!
I was thinking of sending this one in to the "Friend" magazine... what do you think?


Lexi said...

lol, you are so funny! At least he gets a lot of detail in there. Trent makes monster pictures too, but generally, they dont involve blood and eating little boys lol

Shelly said...

That is way too cute! He has some talent! I am up near Hershey and I am ready for Spring, getting tired of the sloppy winter weather now.

Melissa said...

LOL! I say YES send it to the Friend. They need to post it right next to the picture that the prodigy 2 year old Picasso drew President Monson. What a reality check! It should be titled "What REAL sunbeams paint" :)